Are you stuggling to find something you think they'll like?

We know from experience just how difficult it can be to buy gifts for someone. Especially if they don't already own a pair of Cufflinks, it can be daunting trying to decide what would be best to get them. 

Hopefully this page will help you decide what to get that special someone!

Birthday Gift

We recently had a customer ask us if we could recommend a pair of Cufflinks for her kids to get their Dad as a birthday present. We suggested a pair of Letter Cufflinks with each of their initials. 



We've got a very wide range of novelty cufflinks, so we cover a lot of hobbies. Think about what they're into:  


For anyone wanting something truly unique, we have a variety of personalised cufflinks from Number Plates to Football team Cufflinks with personalised boxes. 

We've also got Initial Cufflinks, including Onyx, Gold-plated and Crystal. All of these will give the recipient something nobody else has.. unless they have the same initials! 


We've just starting stocking some fantastic Pewter Cufflinks. All £17.95, and all made with expert precision. We aren't supposed to have favourite, but we really do like these ones! 

What do you think?

Fashion - Crystals/Traditional
Some of our personal favourites are the Fashion - Crystals and the Fashion - Traditional sections. If you are looking for something stunning for yourself, or as that speical gift you will find a stylish, affordbale pair of Cufflinks there. Here is a taster!
Crystal Grid 9x9 - Pink CufflinksHoneycomb Basket - Blue CufflinksBlack Striped Fashion CufflinksSquare Stud Pattern - X2PSF187 CufflinksStylish Pattern Cufflinks2-tone Brushed Interlocked Cufflinks

So there's a little bit of inspiration. If you still need some help, send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We are more than happy to help you choose the next pair of cufflinks!

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